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Vibrational Sound Therapy

​Coupled with intention and love, the sounds and vibration reach the cellular level of the body and bring harmony and peace. The Nepalese bowls are hand crafted with love and produce a resonance that allows us to drift into meditation.

Guided Meditation

​This deep relaxation includes tuning into the breath, and being guided through meditation. Meditations can vary from grounding, to chakra based, and visualizations. They are customized for each client.

Reiki (in-person and distance)

​Reiki is a pure light energy channeled through my hands into your body. Reiki is pure and filled with love. It has it's own intelligence and knows exactly where to go. Sessions will promote deep relaxation.


​Private sessions of Hatha yoga and Yin yoga offered.
* Hatha yoga incorporates connecting with breath, poses lying down, sitting, standing, and balancing - modified for all levels.
​* Yin yoga is nourishing yoga with longer holds and the use of props. It helps to encourage deep release in the fascia and nervous system.

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