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About Julie

      Julie lives a life full of adventure and is currently located in the mountains of Colorado.  She loves holistic health, music and sound healing and finds great benefit in healing the mind body and soul through soothing sounds, vibrations and nervous system regulation.


      She values daily self-care including meditation, journaling, yoga, walking in nature, singing, playing singing bowls, coloring and dancing. Any combination of these keeps her full and radiating her bright white light. She lives in a place of love and joy, practicing alignment with source. She loves sharing her joy with others, through her smile, her dance, and her words. She is inspirational and loves to have fun! Who doesn’t?!

      She loves to assist others in finding their inner guru. This may be through light work (Reiki), sound therapy, frequency therapy, massage, meditation, yoga, listening, or any combination of those. She is truly a ceremonial wellbeing facilitator in that each session is uniquely designed for the individual person. She uses her intuition to guide the session.

      "Everyone has the power to heal within themself. I am just here to help facilitate releasing resistance and enable the healer within. Trusting that the source within us knows exactly what we need and when we need it." 


      She has trained at Pyramind Music School for music production, as well as Atma Buti school for Vibrational Sound Therapy. Her music consists of ambient soundscapes as well as downtempo electronic vibes and singer/songwriter style. She lets the muse guide the creations.

      Julie is a Reiki Master Teacher, trained at the Mermaid temple of the Womb with Eliza Stephen, Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher, trained at the Yoga Connection, certified sound therapy practitioner with Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School and Licensed Massage Therapist from Cortiva Institute. She also has a BS in Integrative Healthcare from Metro state and a minor in wellness coaching.

      Her vision is based on love, trust and the power within. Helping facilitate bringing us back into our flow, into the sweet essence of who we are.



Pyramind Music School


Certified Yoga Instructor

The Yoga Connection


Bachelor's of Science, Integrative Therapeutic Practices

Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO

Full Music Producer Program 

Certified and RYT 200 from the Yoga Connection and with Yoga Alliance. 

This degree focused on a blend of holistic health care and Eastern modalities and how we can integrate this into Western Medicine. Minor focus on Wellness Coaching.

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